Originally starting as a small corner stand, Fragrances For Less is a locally recognized premier discount fragrance retailer. We specialize in offering name brand, high-end and designer fragrances for 10%-70% below retail store prices. Fragrances For Less was started as a small business over 20 years ago and has now expanded to the e-commerce market.

Our business model is simple, we strive to keep our overhead costs low to maximize the savings and pass those on to our customers.

Whether you walk into Macy’s, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales or any other large fragrance retail store, you will notice that their prices are consistent across the board, and rarely go down.

This is due to two reasons;

  1. They have consistent price agreements they have from their suppliers, allowing them to purchase mass quantities of these products at a fraction of the price and charge you 3-5x over what they have paid! Believe it or not, they actually pay much less than us for each product, because they are buying in bulk, and although we do not buy in the large amounts that they do, we are still able to get our fragrances wholesale at a reasonable rate. 

  2. They have very high overhead costs, such as rent payments, employees payrolls, and advertising costs.

Thus, we are proud to say, despite our e-commerce expansion, we are still a small locally owned two person team, that does not have these consistent purchase agreements nor the high overhead expenses that they have, and can still provide you with the exact same excellent products at a significant discount.

Anyone who has shopped with us in person knows this!

We stand behind our fragrances and sell 100% authentic products or your money back.

Inspired by a love of Fragrances, Fragrances For Less was born!