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4 Solutions to Solve Enter Network Credentials Access Error

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BTW the code I gave in the first message is missing a digit : 0x 2 Also, yes there is full reachability between all machines and they are able to exchange files quite happily using normal network file sharing. I have 2 machines both connectd wirelessly. The fact that I cannot get a Windows 7 Homegroup to work between 2 PC’s on the same wired network is quite frankly, embarrassing. Its also ludicrous. Well, that took me 3 hours to sort out – but thanks to everyone for their help!

My Win8. Initially I had the same failure to accept the HomeGroup password, so I took the following steps. Be sure to check date, time, AM PM, etc. Amazing that Microsoft could not throw in an update with an error message.

Updates that matter. The set network location window appear, select Home network. Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Asked by:. Archived Forums.

Windows 7 Networking. Sign in to vote. Hey, I have been having a great time with Win 7 so far but I have run into a little problem. I have currently 3 computers setup on Homegroup 2 desktops and a laptop.

Everything was working great until I tried to get a 4th computer Toshiba branded laptop in our Homegroup. The password will not work, it is telling us that the password is incorrect and thus we can’t get it setup like the other 3 PCs. I can garentee that the password is drilled in my brain as I have done it 3 times before and have been trying to get this one to work for about 5 or so hours in total between today and yesturday.

I’ve even got the other laptop off the network to see if there is some sort of unstated limit on the Homegroup, thats obviously not the case as it still wouldnt work.

I put the working lappy back on the Homegroup and have been trying everything I could think of in terms of getting this PC to play nice with the rest of the house. Ive ran out of ideas, anyone got a suggestion? Thx, KillerHurdz. Sunday, January 11, PM. First, no need to paste passwords here. It’s completely irrelevant and, even no one here can probably access your network, it’s unsafe and a bad idea.

Second, I’m also having problems with HomeGroups but in my case, I can’t add a second computer to mine. The funny part is that I’m already connected to a WiFi network that is set as “Home network” as seen from the Control Panel. Any ideas? Is there any technical document that explains how HomeGroup works? See if thats the problem, the PC that created the Homegroup has to be on, which it probably is but I cant think of anything else.

And no, the only help info built into the OS is The machine that created the HomeGroup is on and working. However, when trying to, it fails. Interesting :. Monday, January 12, AM. I have the suspicion that this is related to the fact the PC that created the HomeGroup is connect to the Wireless network via I’ve been experiencing problems with my As far as I’m aware, all of our PCs are either wired or running Only one of the machines is wired and its not the one that created the Homegroup.

Wednesday, January 14, AM. I am having the same problem as Felipe. I get the error message that a home group can only be set up in a home environment. I have this set up and I tried, work and public networks as well. I still haven’t figured it out. Wednesday, January 14, PM. Hey, I am having the ‘Incorrect Password’ error message as well.

I have my main desktop hard wired to my router, and my laptop is wirelessly conencted to my router. Sunday, January 18, AM. So I’ve set up 3 Win7 machines and tried to create host a homegroup on each of them in turn and tried to join their homegroups with the other 2.

Not one machine was able to host a homegroup successfully. I always get an error message 0x I’ve even changed the password to That way there’s no way I can get it wrong!!! So easy looking and yet so hard to make work Sunday, January 25, AM.

Just added a fourth machine and tried to host a homegroup on it Can anyone throw light on this problem? Monday, January 26, AM.

In the local area connection properties, ensure that IP v6 is checked enabled. I had the same problem, and found the solution on another post.

Once I checked IP v6 and tried it again, everything worked without errors. If the v6 protocol was turned off in Vista and you upgraded to Win 7 the state of that setting will remain.

Wednesday, February 25, AM. This just happened to me, and I was tearing my hair out – until I found that windows wasn’t updating either. The problem – my system was too far out of time with normal time Check your system clock, make sure it is real time and date. When I changed it, suddenly I could join the homegroup. Sunday, September 6, AM. This was driving me crazy! For some reason it doesn’t want to connect to MS’s time server, so I changed it to time. Clock updated, problem solved.

Tuesday, October 6, AM. Wasn’t working for me until I realized the 2 PCs had different dates! After I set the correct date everything worked :. Saturday, October 10, AM. Oh tanx, date was my problem also Sunday, November 8, PM. Saturday, December 26, PM. My Clock was off by a couple of seconds. I synced them both and now it works like a charm! You guys are awesome.

Saturday, February 20, AM. This worked for me also syncing the clocks. Sunday, April 18, AM. I had the same problem with the “incorrect password” and was starting to lose my mind.

One computer did have the date off by one day. As soon as I corrected it, the password worked. What a ridiculous glitch.


Windows 10 homegroup password incorrect free download

› windows › windowshomegroup-password. Step 1. Open the File Explorer utility on your computer. Look for the HomeGroup option in the left sidebar and right-click on it and select the option that says.


Fix Homegroup Password, Joining and Unjoining Issues – Microsoft Community – Setup and Use HomeGroup in Windows 10

Note: The HomeGroup (view) and HomeGroup (view and edit) options still appear in Windows 10 (Version or later) when you right-click a folder in File Explorer and then point to Give access r, neither option does anything. To share a file or folder, select Specific people from the same shortcut menu instead. Apr 06,  · Open up Windows Explorer, and then find the Homegroup option in the left-hand navigation pane. Right-click on Homegroup and choose “View the HomeGroup password” And there you go, your password in nice bold text—and there’s even a print button. Apr 03,  · Press Windows key + R to open up a Run dialog box. Then, type “control” and press Enter to open up the classic Control Panel window. Accessing the classic Control Panel interface; Inside Control panel, click on HomeGroup (use the search function in the top-right corner if the menu is not among the visible items); Inside the HomeGroup menu, click on View or print the homegroup ted Reading Time: 4 mins.


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